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Out of the 1.5 million Filipino online freelancers, a substantial number of Filipino freelancers write content articles for marketing purposes and academic essays and research papers. 

In content writing or article writing, the freelancer is responsible for writing blogs and articles on a variety of topics.  Content writers and article writers are paid based on the number of words or pages.  The clients who hire content writers are individuals and companies seeking to promote their brand.

In academic essay and research paper writing, the freelancer is responsible for writing essays and research papers on different subject such as philosophy, psychology, history, literature, sociology, and economics.  Academic essay writers are typically paid based on the number of words or pages, complexity of the topic and the urgency of the deadline.  Naturally, rush papers and more complex topics are paid more than the average rates.  The clients who hire academic writers are students who are unable to write decent papers.

Based on a number of content writers and academic writers that I have interviewed, they have two basic problems.  The professional fee for their services is either very low and they constantly face the risks of not getting paid for their services. 

Race to the Bottom Approach on Rates

Competition in content writing and academic essay writing is fierce.  In view of the sheer number of Filipino freelancers who are offering these services, many freelancers are compelled to lower their prices thinking that it is necessary to obtain work.  The race to the bottom approach, however, is counter-productive as it only degrades the quality of their work.

Getting Scammed by Websites

Moreover, many content and academic writers are exposed to the risk of not getting the payment for the services they rendered.  I am aware of the countless number of unsuspecting content writers and essay writers who were left with no choice but to accept work and submit their output to the companies which hired them expecting that they will get the payment on the date promised to them.  However, many of them will subsequently learn that the websites for which they have submitted numerous articles and essays have suddenly closed down.  Without any means of finding out the owners of these companies, content writers and essay writers are at the mercy of these unscrupulous companies/websites.

My Proposed Solution

Freelancers need to take more control of their work.  Instead of relying on other companies’ websites to obtain work, they should strive to build their profiles and get their own clients.  May freelancers are unaware that the rates they receive is barely 20% to 25% of what these companies get form their own clients.  Thus, they will be assured to get the full 100% of the pay when they get orders from their own clients. 

My proposed solution is for freelancers to find a way to establish their own websites, mine their own clients, receive these orders directly from their clients and submit it to them.   An online freelancer who has her own website and receives orders directly from his own clients directly charges the client the fees which he justly deserves.  Since he receives the fees directly upon order there is no risk that another company will run away with his hard-earned money.

As a former academic essay writer, I was able to establish my own website, mine my own clients and grow my business organically through referrals and word of mouth.  I seek to help online freelancers build their own essay writing business so they don’t have to adopt the race to the bottom approach in their dealings and they don’t have to fear that somebody will run away with their money.  You will save a lot of time marketing and growing your business with my proven formula for capturing target market interest, improving the quality of your service and constantly growing your revenues annually.

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