Freelancers’ Tips

Tips for Freelance Writers

Two Main Problems among Freelance Writers

  1. Raise to the Bottom Approach on Rates
  2. Getting Scammed by Websites
  3. Inability to Fix Rates for their Services

Tips to Minimize Risks of Revision

  1. Communicate with the clients regularly about their orders
  2. Ask clients to explain instruction
  3. Require clients to send the exact instruction/prompt sent by their professor
  4. Ask clients to send sample papers
  5. If clients ask you to choose a topic, give them 3 choices and let them choose
  6. If clients require use of a “recent” article, send them the article first before writing the paper


What every freelancer should know

  1. Some clients may expect you to work for free in exchange for publicity or exposure
  2. People think you have a lot of available time
  3. Freelancers need to be productive everyday
  4. Freelances who do not have proof of income may have a hard time applying for loans
  5. Freelancers need to do everything on their own
  6. Freelancers need to save up for their retirement
  7. Thinking about cash flow during the lean seasons can give freelancers sleepless nights


Personal Growth Tips

  1. Always start early so you can finish your work early.
  2. Learn new skills during the lean season such as SEO, Social Media Management, coding and programming


Financial Tips

  1. Monitor your income. During peak seasons, we may get some windfall money.
  2. Keep track of expenses. During lean seasons, orders are down and income is low
  3. Stay within your budget