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Statement of Purpose Essay Writing

To be admitted to a four-year university or graduate school, one of the requirements an interested applicant needs to submit is their Statement of Purpose Essay.  Some universities use the term Essay on Professional Plans or Letter of Intent but they all have the same meaning.  It is an essay containing the applicant’s purpose for applying for a bachelor, or master’s or doctorate degree.  It contains the applicant’s intentions, passions, and plans in the future.

From the point of view of the academic institution, it contains useful information that is not otherwise found in the applicant’s resume or in his academic record.  It reveals important information as to the character and motivation of the applicant.  Needless to state, this document is crucial in the application process since it may offset a bad GPA

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Resume Writing

In outsourcing resume writing to freelancers, you get to focus on marketing and interacting with your clients. Various US-based companies outsource their resume writing to us. These companies streamline their operations so they can focus on communicating and interacting with their clients.

Admission Essay

Currently, we work with various companies in the United States and other countries which outsource their admission essay needs. We diligently check the university's requirements as part of the research process prior to writing their statement of purpose essays. We tailor fit the student's statement of purpose with the university's requirements.

Scholarship Essay

Interested in outsourcing your scholarship essay? We have been partnering with major companies in the United States which outsource their scholarship essay with us. You are in good hands. Our clients love us because we never plagiarize nor re-use our previous works.

SEO Writing

Do you need engaging and entertaining content for your growing online business? Why not try a team of academic writers to help you with creating fresh and engaging content for your website? Content is king so we make it our policy to help our clients attract their target audience.