Writers Venture is a team of professional academic essay writers. Our team writes for college and university students in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. We write custom-made academic papers for struggling students which they can use as samples to help them write their own unique and non-plagiarized papers. We are constantly looking for experienced ESL and ENL writers to meet the growing demand for our services. If you are a hardworking and experienced freelance academic writer who can deliver papers on time then you might just be what we need.

If you seek to experience growth as an academic writer, you can join our team. Just go to our website writersventure.com. Click Register and fill out the form. Afterwards, you will be asked to upload your resume. Then, wait for us to review your application.

After receiving your application and your resume, we will schedule an online interview with you using our live chat support. Once your application is approved the applicant will receive a notification. Once approved, you can start receiving orders through our online platform. Make sure that your resume contains your contact details (email address and phone numbers) so we can get in touch with you. If you do not receive an email from us, simply follow it up with us by sending email to support@writersventure.com

After we get your application and your resume, we will immediately contact you via email or text message. If we find it acceptable, we will immediately send you an email for an online interview. The process is really very simple and quick.

Yes. We are open to full-time and part-time freelance writers. As long as you can deliver quality papers within the deadline set by the client, you are welcome to join our team

Yes. We are open to accepting full-time and part-time freelance writers. As long as you can deliver high quality papers, will cited and proofread within the deadline set by the client, you are welcome to join our team.

The assignment of projects to writers is based on quality and dependability. If you can submit high quality papers without any plagiarism issue and on time, you will continue to get a high volume of projects from us, especially during the peak season.

Our standard format is Times New Roman, font size 12, double spaces, 1 inch margin on both sides.  It is about 300 to 310 words 

Payouts are sent every 15th and 30th. We send payments via online bank transfer to the following banks: BPI, BDO, Security Bank and Unionbank. We can also transfer funds using PayPal. All transfers using PayPal shall be in USD and shall include a small amount as processing fee. For senior writers, they are given the privilege of asking for payouts as often as every week.

Certainly not. Some writers have a tendency to re-use papers previously submitted especially if the instructions are exactly the same. It is considered a plagiarism. Writers who will receive these complaints will not be paid and their unpaid funds will be placed on hold until the conclusion of the investigation.

Our online platform allows writers to accept/reject project orders, communicate with the clients directly, download files and readings, and upload files directly to the clients. You can also keep track of your pending orders and the finished papers you have submitted.

Yes. Communicating the client is encouraged. Writers are advised to communicate with the clients so the vague instructions are made clear. Our platform allows writers to communicate with the clients directly. Please take advantage of our system so we avoid revisions. Also, kindly communicate with the client with respect considering that English maybe their second or third language.

Yes. Our commitment to our clients is that we will continue to revise papers as many times as possible for them to get the desired output. However, we will make sure that all requests for revision are reasonable. Requests for revision will be accepted only when it is based on the writer’s failure to meet the client’s requirements as indicated on the order details. In the event that the request for revision includes additional instructions not covered in the project details, the writer will get compensation for the additional work.

Our guarantee with the client is that we will revise the paper when its needed.  If it is the writer’s fault that the paper needs revision, the writer is obliged to revise or he will not be receiving pay. 

Most of our clients are ESL students. Communication can be difficult. There are times when instructions are vague. If the client’s instructions in the order form is vague or not clear, you should communicate with the client directly and send clarificatory questions and additional instructions. Writers are advised to ask the client to send the exact instructions sent by the professors. You may also ask the client to send sample papers, if they have.

If you have an emergency, please decide whether you can still complete the project but you need additional time to work on it.  If you can still complete the project, please communicate with the client and ask for extension.  If you cannot complete the project, please communicate with Admin and ask for reassignment.

Our system allows you to communicate directly with the client and ask for deadline extension.  Let the client know when you can submit the paper. If the client is fine with the extension, we will make adjustments on the system to reflect the extension.

First, communicate with Admin if extension is allowed for the particular order you are communicating. You can also communicate with the clients directly for any deadline extension of your project.

To get more projects, please make sure to deliver good quality papers on time.  If there are requests for submission, please make sure to revise promptly.

Though we encourage our clients to use our papers only as their guide, we still require the writers to submit only original papers which are written from scratch. We take plagiarism cases seriously. We also have a plagiarism software that allows us to check the output of our writers. If we receive a complaint from a client regarding plagiarism, we investigate the matter immediately. We also give the writer an opportunity to explain his or her side. If plagiarism is found to be substantial upon proper investigation, the writer will not be paid for the particular project. During the course of the investigation, the company will place the unpaid funds of the writer on hold until the investigation is concluded. For repeated violation, the writer will be excluded from our list of writers.

We have a strict policy against plagiarism or reusing previous papers.  If there is a complain from a client, the writer is given the opportunity to respond to the complain.  The admin hears both sides to make sure that we have all the information we need prior to coming up with a decision.  During the entire process of the investigation, the writer’s unpaid funds with the company will be put on hold. 

Should the writer be found to have violated its policy against plagiarism, he will be removed from our roster of writers, and will no longer be receiving projects from us.  

Our system allows clients to send the writers tip ranging from $5 to $100.  If the client is pleased with the writer’s service, he has the option to send the writer a tip.  We added this feature on our website to encourage writers to exert their best effort for their clients.  

Yes.  The writer may upload multiple files on the dashboard.  The writer has to wait 3 minutes before each upload because he can upload the next file

When the client asks for additional page, please let the Admin know about it so we can send the client an invoice.