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Why Choose Writers Venture

Writers Venture is a team of professionals who are exposed in different industries.  Our writers work in universities as full-time or part-time professors.  Some are occupying important positions in the government.  Some are  employed in various corporations while taking their graduate studies. 

As professionals, we understand the importance of the student’s academic standing. Writers Venture will never do anything that will place in serious jeopardy a student’s academic standing in his university. 

If you are a student seeking to outsource your academic papers, then you are in the right hands.  You no longer have to worry about plagiarized papers, late papers or essays that do not meet the professor’s strict standards.   If you are a company seeking to outsource academic writing to our team, we guarantee original work.  We test all papers using Grammarly, our plagiarism software tool.  We check and edit all papers before its submitted to our clients.   

How We Can Help You Grow Your Business

Writers Venture believes in the idea of synergy.  We believe in the concepts of partnership and collaboration.  We are aware that in order to succeed business organizations need partners so they can focus on their core business.

Let us help your business succeed.  We offer affordable academic paper writing services so you can have the opportunity to grow your business.



We strive to deliver top of the line services to all our customers.   We screen our writers before they are assigned projects to ensure that they are qualified to perform the work we promised to deliver.  We require them to have mastery of the different citation styles which include MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. Only reputable professionals can be included in our team.

Value Timeliness

We are ware of the importance of meeting deadlines for your clients.  Miss the deadline and your client might get failing grade.  Your failure is our failure as well.  So, we emphasize with our writers the value of meeting deadlines.  Writers are motivated to meet deadlines because they are penalized for every late papers.


We listen to our clients’ needs.  Should you have any issues you simply have to let us know and we will revise our output right away.   Clients only need to let us know how we can improve our service and we will evaluate them the best way we can.

Resume Writing

In outsourcing resume writing to freelancers, you get to focus on marketing and interacting with your clients. Various US-based companies outsource their resume writing to us. These companies streamline their operations so they can focus on communicating and interacting with their clients. Outsource to professionals with more than 8 years of experience.

Admission Essay

Currently, we work with various companies in the United States and other countries which outsource their admission essay needs. We diligently check the university's requirements as part of the research process prior to writing their statement of purpose essays. We tailor fit the student's statement of purpose with the university's requirements.

Scholarship Essay

Interested in outsourcing your scholarship essay? We have been partnering with major companies in the United States which outsource their scholarship essay with us. You are in good hands. Our clients love us because we never plagiarize nor re-use our previous works.

SEO Writing

Do you need engaging and entertaining content for your growing online business? Why not try a team of academic writers to help you with creating fresh and engaging content for your website? Content is king so we make it our policy to help our clients attract their target audience.