How Freelancers Should Manage Difficult Clients

We have been offering academic writing services to students for more than 10 years.  Over the years, we have enjoyed the experience of helping struggling students succeed.  We have received heart-warming emails and Thank you notes from satisfied clients.  We have also received several endorsements and referrals from college students who are pleased with our service.  Nevertheless, we cannot satisfy everyone. From time to time, we will encounter difficult clients or demanding clients that can be annoying or irritating. So how do we handle these kinds of clients?


Set the Standards to Manage the Client’s Expectations

Many clients expect that they will be getting an A when they receive their paper.  When we receive orders saying that the client expects an A, we immediately notify the client that we do not guarantee that they will get a specific grade.  We let them know that their grades depend on the completeness and clarify of the instructions they send, and the preference of the professors which can be difficult to assess considering that we do not have the opportunity to get to know the professor.  However, we do promise that we will work hard on the paper as if its our own, and if there are issues upon getting their papers they should let us know immediately so we can make immediate revisions. 

If the client insists on getting an A, then its best if the client’s money is refunded immediately to avoid problems later on.


Offer Revisions

When the client is not happy with the academic paper, the freelancer is expected to revise the paper.  It is the freelancer’s duty to coordinate with the client and find out how he can improve the paper.  If the paper can still be revised, the freelancer should ask the client about the deadline of the paper, and if he has other comments on the paper.  The freelancer needs to make sure that the client has provided all the information he needs to make the revision.


Offer Discounts for Next Orders

If the client is not satisfied with the result there is a risk that the client may ask for his money back.  Freelancers who accept PayPal as a payment solution are aware that clients can easily dispute with their credit card company the payments made.  Upon receiving these disputes, PayPal will simply get the funds from the account. 

In order to avoid the situation, freelancer need to resolve the issue with the client as soon as possible.  Try to ask if it is possible to revise the paper.  If its no longer possible to revise, try to ask if its possible to send the client discounts for next orders.  If the client is fine with the discount, that means you retain the client and you have a second chance to deliver a better output. 


Irrational and Illogical Clients

There are some clients who can be irrational and illogical.  An indication that a client is irrational or illogical is when he constantly asks for revisions despite his paper being revised a couple of times already.  These clients are those who are not happy with a single revision.  When the client has made multiple requests for revision, and there is a chance that the client will continue to ask for revision, the only solution is to send the client his money back.   While it may seem unfair to return the money after the frequent revisions, it is the only solution to get out of a bad relationship.  In the long run, sending refunds to irrational and illogical clients can save the freelancer more time and allow him to focus on more rational and logical clients. 


As freelances, setting the expectations before working on the paper and constantly communicating with the client during the process of writing the paper are important steps to managing difficult, unreasonable or illogical clients.  The key is to make them realize that you are a reliable writer and that they need you to achieve their goals for the entire semester.  Once you establish that you are dependable and responsible, they will come back to you to place repeat orders.