How Freelancers Can Differentiate Themselves from Others and Stand Out

Having the basic writing skills is handy but it is not enough to keep your clients coming and get the same or the increasing number of workloads in five or fifteen years. Our website’s goal is to help writers in improving the basics of freelance writing. Yes, you do not stop from knowing and achieving this skill. Honing one’s skill in the field of writing is very essential because through learning more about this trade, you become the best writer you wanted to be. As a result, you are able to put more value on your work and earn your target daily or monthly income.

Where are you going to start? You can start with us. Learn while earning. Get to know the trade and recognize how far your skills will take you from one small gig to bigger ones.  Once you become proficient, you can start building your own turf, like creating a website. Below are some of the great ideas you may opt to make a difference on your writing career.

Create your own Blog/Website

Many freelancers neglect the importance of creating their own portfolio.  Without a portfolio, clients will not even contact them and inquire about their services.  Having a blog/website is a good avenue for you to sell your services. Share the purpose of putting up your own site and the products and services that clients may expect from you. Identify a niche you are good at and sell it as your main product. There can be millions of good writers but your unique talent may be one great reason that singles you out from the rest. Through your site, you can reach out to clients and provide them just what they need.  Instead of focusing your time sending your resumes, why not create your own blog and think about its contents?

Register in LinkedIn 

In making your profile, use the job board to introduce your services. You can opt to warm or cold pitching depending on your preferred approach. This allows you to either create a network of potential clients or maintain to build a relationship with the network you already have.

Again, be creative. You need not compete just specify the main product you are selling, that is the skill that you are expert of. For a start-up business with yourself as the manager, accountant and employee, you cannot sell everything. Be honest in telling your client what you can do to help them in their needs within the best possible deadline.

Market your niche in Facebook 

Using your Facebook account, join business groups that will give you access to conversations of entrepreneurs relevant to your niche. This way you will be aware of their usual gigs and workloads. How can you make them your market? Pay close attention to entrepreneurs looking for a hand to meet their targets and complete the pile of workloads they have. There are a lot of sites that allow freelancers to bid on various projects, chances are you may be one of the 100 bidders which may have the talent but overlooked. On Facebook, getting closer to potential clients may take a bit of an effort, but once connections are built, the effort really pays off.

Don’t forget Twitter 

Maximize the power of social media which is regarded as a wealthy source of writing jobs. You may be comfortable where are today but to ensure the consistency of work, beat the dry spell by keeping your lines open to more potential clients. Indeed, social media are useful online tools which you can avail for FREE.

In the business world, you may have two options: join the bandwagon and compete or make a distinct mark and let the market come to you. If you want to last long in this freelancing job, mastering the art of differentiation will really make a lot of difference on your writing career.