How Freelancers Can Spot Fraudulent Clients


Freelance writing is one of this age’s most lucrative option of earning money. Many freelance writers attest to the fact that this field of work could provide a rather enjoyable result especially for the ones who have the right skills and are willing enough to give their time and effort in reaching their client’s demands. However, not all stories of freelance writing are as good as everyone else’s. There are crunching stories that prove that light is not always shining in this industry especially with the existence of fraudulent clients.

The word “freelance” often identify with words such as unprotected and unsecured. The whole idea is that if a person works on his own for himself then it is certain that he would not be protected by anything or anyone; which usually signals scrupulous individuals that they are easy to take advantage of. Sadly, there really are some online clients who think that this is possible and they do take advantage especially of new freelancers who are still making an entry in the industry.

Question is, if you are a freelancer, what signs do you need to know in order to spot a fraudulent client?

Low Cost Service Pay

One, fraud clients usually offer low cost service pay. They are looking for newbies who would not think so much about the money, just so they could get the job that they think and hope would give them a better chance at embracing this new aspect of work option they are entering. Fraud clients try to pick the new ones especially because they do not know the system yet. Screening is often not critical, which means that screening process is easy.

Legitimate clients often screen out writer applicants through tests and requesting sample writing tasks to help them pick the right candidates. With critical screening procedures comes the possibility of being paid with good rate per word, per page or per hour.

Two, fraud clients often withhold their writers with contracts that will assure them of their employment’s security. This means, that anytime the client decides to break the agreement, they can do so without necessarily having the need to tell the writer about their decision. This often results to frustrated writers who suddenly lose their jobs while cramming for unpaid finished work.

Suggestions To Avoid Being Scammed

Agreements and contracts are basic requirements for legitimate employment even for freelancers. If you are freelance writer, never accept that you and your work is taken for granted by your clients; make sure that they understand how serious you are in your work and that they ought to recognize such fact and respect your position as the service provider. The contract should stipulate clearly the rate of payment you are to receive for a particular rate of service you are to give them. Before you sign the contract, make sure that everything is clear and practically agreeable for both parties involved.

Make sure that you would be paid.

If too many tasks are being handed to you, make sure that you will get paid. Retain an open communication and remind your client about the payment that is due for you to receive. Never forget to ask. It does not hurt to get updates when it is your due to know when you are going to get paid. It is essential that communication is kept open so as to assure trust and assurance between parties working through an online platform.

No need to fret though, there are good clients out there. You just need to be cautious in protecting yourself and your efforts from being taken advantage of by fraudulent clients. Remember that if a client refuses to communicate openly, then it is better to get another client to work with-someone who would not be afraid of connecting with you to create a strong ground of assurance and security especially to strengthen long term professional relationships.