Top Five Reasons Why Freelancers Should Never Give Up

I could still remember the first time I signed up on an online job platform 6 years ago. It was not a walk in the park. As a newbie, I started from creating my own profile, building my portfolio and bidding for online jobs. The bidding part was tough. I have to make sure my cover letters and résumés are crafted well to encourage more clients to award me the job and agree on the service fee I proposed.

In the first six months, most freelancers encounter challenges like problem clients who are difficult to deal with. Some would entail exhausting tasks at a low price, others are too fussy with their demands for revisions. Those who cannot cope with the challenge felt stuck up and in despair, and start to entertain the thought of giving up freelancing.  But, before you hit log out, here are some things you need to consider.

You have just started.

Like the traditional job hunting, you have to run into various types of clients before you land on the freelancing job you have been dreaming for. Success in freelancing does not happen overnight. Venturing into freelance business include harnessing your skills, getting in touch with more people to grow your network, promoting your products and services and making follow ups. Earning the trust of your client is crucial at this stage, thus, you need to be resilient and consistent in order to build an up-and-coming venture.

Freelancing offers a flexible lifestyle.

Working freelance exposes me to a lot of changes in the workload that may affect the consistency of my gigs. In my experience, I used this inconsistency to my advantage. When gigs are low and deadlines aren’t too demanding, I take a vacation. On the other hand, when projects are imminent, I work at your own pace as long as I am able to deliver the tasks at the agreed time. This lifestyle is one of best perks being a freelancer.

Working freelance opens the door to numerous opportunities.

Hard work is paid well in freelancing. Unlike a traditional work, companies have limited pay scale for regular and over time work. A freelancer can pick one or two projects a day and earn more than the base pay of a regular worker. You can be an expert on your chosen niche. How? Make sure you give your clients quality outputs and professional service. Don’t be scared to take the risk; continue to enhance your skills and abilities. They are your assets that will push you to an ocean of opportunities online.

Earn your desired income.

Have you experienced working in a company? Were there times that the company gave you a raise or additional benefits just to keep you? Then, that only means that you can provide them the value or profit that they need. But, companies have pay scale limits that restrict your drive to achieve your desired income. If you desire to create a six to seven-digit income, a sustainable freelance business can help you make things happen on your own.

Work remotely and spend less.

Most of my friends who work in the office often complain about traffic and spending much on their clothes and other requirements related to company work. But, when I started working freelance, I can stay at home working on my PJs or even away from home. All I need are the right tools: a laptop and a good Internet connection. No dress code, no traffic. Isn’t that awesome?

Similar to other business – online or offline – freelancing has to be built in persistence, consistency and passion. It is not a one-size-fit-all-business. I myself had a hard time to learn the steering wheel, adjust the sails and navigate against the tides. But, I know it is all worth it because freelancing took me to places where I wanted to go.