How Freelancers Can Use Facebook As a Marketing Tool

The ubiquity of Facebook as an application and social media has greatly shorten the gap between any people in the globe. Almost everyone is in to Facebook, even kids have accounts of their own. According to the Social Media Update 2014 of Pew Research Center, 71% of internet users are also in Facebook. What are the odds of finding a person offering a freelance job? Even landing on the account of your previous clients? Given the interconnectivity, the odds are too high. Which makes it even more ideal for Facebook to be used as a platform for securing freelance work. But how does a freelance make good use of Facebook?

Tip #1: Business is not personal

Your personal FB account won’t simple fit the cut. Remember you are not here to connect with your family, and your clients do not even need to know them or the personal things, inclinations, and activities that you support or do. What they need to know is if you can get the job done how they want, when they need, and at the most reasonable cost. Hence, a FB page is the most ideal thing to do. In a FB page, as a business tool it delineates at the onset that you are in here for business and not some hot personal stuff. What’s more is you can custom fit the page based on the message and feel that you want to set across to your clients. You are not just maintaining your professionalism, but you get to showcase your creative and fun side to. And with recent innovations, you can also turn on the “Hire me” button.   

Tip #2: Credibility is a need

Setting up your FB page is one thing but gaining the trust of your clients is quite another. Remember: this is your first time working with them. They do not know your work ethic, strengths, weaknesses and capabilities. And the best thing that reflects all of that are your own outputs. They do not lie. I know it is a daunting move to do since your work is scrutinized by not just one person, but by the entire FB community. This is a necessary risk that you should do to close more job offers from different clientele niche. A link will do if you have a website or a collection of all your portfolio. Once you have created one, make sure to update this and republicize. This is to show your future clients that you are progressing and that many companies or individuals are interested in availing your services. Indeed, it is a free advertisement on your end.   

Tip #3: Communities are everywhere

Communities have turn virtual. I know it’s absurd, but that is a reality. In fact, there are several Facebook community groups online. Each catering to different interest groups or industry. Groups for freelancers are also popular as this is a platform chosen by companies and organizations to post their ads and job opportunities. What makes it even more interesting is that the reach of these communities is global. Meaning, freelancers have the opportunity to interact and get hired by foreign companies, promising relatively higher pay as opposed to normal basic renumeration in an office setup. The caveat for community groups is to join as many as possible so the chances of landing in different freelance jobs are higher. 

Tip #4: Be the talk of the town

Paid ads are not and will never be passé. If you have a little budget you can spare, with minimal fees you can amplify your reach by being promoted through ads. This increases your chances of getting picked by the niche of your choice. What’s more these FB paid ads cost a reasonable amount which is not really that financially taxing for you. But remember this is just an option. The first three will make the cut, helping you become established in you freelancing career.