How Freelancers Should Use the Social Media

With the growing number of freelancers worldwide, it is a struggle for freelancers to stand out. In order for freelancers to differentiate themselves, they need to effectively utilize tools. Various social media platforms can be used as business tools not only for promoting business but also for promoting a freelancers’ services. These include Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Pinterest, with recorded monthly users of 250 million users on September 2018 will be an effective site a freelancer can post his or her available freelancing services. With this large population, posts about your writing service become available to many potential clients. By knowing how to properly use this platform, more clients are expected to come your way. To effectively use Pinterest, one has to learn to create his own portfolio containing best works which will encourage clients to hire his service. One can also post his or her website to boost her business deals. The use of appropriate keywords also helps in making every post visible to the whole Pinterest community.


Facebook, as the world’s largest social medium, will be very beneficial for one’s career as a freelancer. Having a profile that clearly informs what you do and having your website about your service posted are big steps in your promotions. Having your own Facebook page that clients can directly contact when needing your service is also a big boost. One can also promote his writing service on appropriate groups. Facebook ads are also an option if you have a budget.  


Twitter, being a fast carrier of various news, can also serve as a promotional website for one’s writing services. Writing the best and informative bio highlighting one’s skills and outlining all sites at which one is a contributor can be a good start. Follow all possible sources of writing services and communicate with your contacts. One’s website link must also be posted for followers to see.


LinkedIn as the best business platform must also be used effectively since using this, the client-freelancer connection can be established. A freelance writer must learn how to set up a professional profile including details such as job, certifications, skills, and languages. Recommendations from previous clients and employers help you showcase good credibility for the client’s eyes. Updates on your works must be done by publishing articles using LinkedIn Pulse.

Lastly, for all these social media platforms, there is a single rule for all freelance writers. Be active and multiply your connections.